Our offer

To meet your demands, we propose well-tried solutions that respect legislation. Expertinence provides advice on how to improve the service level of your information system. Combining the different skills of auditors and ERP, we are often asked to troubleshoot ad hoc, or to implement new functions. In this way we make the best use of the ERP to cover your needs at the lowest possible cost.

We make sure we don’t upset your ERP

Thanks to our experience as ERP product managers, at Expertinence we know all the ins-and-outs of ERPs, with all their pitfalls. This helps you to gain precious time. The solutions we implement are robust and efficient.

We are familiar with the most recent legislation and regulations

  • IFRS
  • IASC
  • Laws on financial security
  • Finances laws
  • Laws on e-commerce

At your service; after all you’re the Customer

We commit firmly

Expertinence can deal with your turnkey projects. LFB entrusted us with overseeing their company split-up project. For this project, Expertinence made a commitment with regard to succeeding with a six-month guarantee period.

Saving you time and money

We speak your language, and understand your business and challenges.

Bernard Rivo, the founder of Expertinence, has worked as ERP head of department and product manager. You won’t have to re-explain your challenges and business. Nous travaillons vite

A recent audit was run in just a few weeks from the interview right up to the proposals.

You will benefit from our experience in the field.

When you give us your problems to solve, we propose solutions that have already worked with other customers..

We keep development costs to a minimum by pushing the ERP to its limits